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Welcom to Amazing Austraila

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     Australia is known worldwide for famous people, wildlife, and structures. Australia is included in the continent of Oceania. Oceania is made up of several islands, including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji. Australia is the largest island in Oceania, being 2970,000 square miles.

Sites to see when in Australia

  • Uluru, also called Ayers rock, is located within Uluru-Kata Tjua National Park, in the northern territory. It is a 2,831 feet tall sandstone mountain. This mountain is sacred to the Anangu, the aboriginal people in the area. They have been helping run the National Park science 1985. Numbers of climbers have decreased, to the Anangu's pleasure. Only 20% of visitors in June 2012 climbed Uluru. This decrease in climbers may be in due to respect to the Anangu's culture.
  • Another great stop is the Great barrier reef. The largest coral reef system on the planet. It is made up of multiple reefs and Islands. In total it is 133,000 square miles, and runs the up the east side of Australia. Hundreds of species use the protection of the reef. These animals include angelfish, seahorses, green turtle, dugongs, humpback whales, and cuttlefish, just to name a few. The great barrier reef is a natural miracle that is in serious danger. Climate change a factor in causing the water temperature to increase 2-3 degrees each year. This rise causes coral to bleach, killing off the organisms which live within the coral. This depletes a food source for many other organisms and sends a ripple through the delegate ecosystem. By 2030 scientists estimate that this amazing reef will have slipped through our fingertips due to the threats that face it.
  • Another sight to visit is the famous Sydney Opera House. It opened on October 20, 1973, and now displays over 3,000  performances yearly with 2,000,000 viewers in all. This building has become a symbolic structure, as Big Ben is for England, or the Statue of Liberty is for the U.S., or like the pyramids are a symbol for Egypt. "In 'Finding Nemo' Nemo's father siwms past the Sydney Opera House. This just shows how prominent this atraction is." -Trisha Juliana Lazaroo

  • Yet another sight to visit is Devil's Marbles. They stand south of Tennant Creek, in the Northern Territory. These two huge red balancing rocks are made up of granite. These bolders litter a field ranging from sizes of 50cm to 6m across! The Devil's Marbles Conservation Reserve stretches over nearly 7 square miles.
See other amazing balancing rocks.
  • One last stop in Australia takes us to Coober Pedy. An unique underground town and opal mine with a population of 1,695 as of 2011. The first opal was found February 1, 1915. And now the opal mines in Coober Pedy supply most of the worlds opal gems. Besides opal mining the town also advertises its underground living and attracts many tourists. Boasting underground churches, shops, houses, and museums. Every year there is an Opal Festival that comes at the end of a very hot summer to celebrate the hopefully successful opal mining. The verities in types of living makes Australia a very unique and fun country to visit.
Above the town
Warning for holes that lay above town
Inside Coober Pedy

Opals mined in Coober Pedy

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